Bedford County Militia

Public Land Nav Class

The Bedford County Militia is a group of citizens committed to protecting and serving their community. One of the ways they give back to the community is by hosting public events like land navigation classes. The militia recently hosted a public land navigation class in Bedford County, Virginia. The event was open to anyone interested in learning the basics of navigating through wooded areas using a map and compass. The class was aimed at hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, as well as members of the community who are interested in emergency preparedness.

The event was well-attended and received positive feedback from the community. Participants learned how to read topographical maps, navigate using a compass, and use natural landmarks to find their way in the wilderness. The class also included a discussion on emergency navigation and search and rescue techniques. The militia members who organized the event were knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and they were happy to share their expertise with the community. They hope to host more events like this in the future to help people become more self-sufficient and prepared for emergencies.

Hosting public events like the land navigation class is an important part of the Bedford County Militia’s mission to serve the community. By sharing their skills and knowledge with others, they are helping to build a more resilient and self-sufficient community. The militia members take pride in their commitment to serving their fellow citizens, and they hope to continue to make a positive impact in their community in the future.