Bedford County Militia



Teach community members about The Constitution, historical events, the Bill of Rights, and the importance of service to the community.


Not everyone has the skills, ability, energy, and tools for construction or storm preparation. If you do, your help can be invaluable for leading a group of volunteers to achieve short-term storm readiness.

Women's Auxiliary

The Women's Auxiliary provides support to BCM and its many departments. We assist in logistics and communications, and provide medical aid and basic training to the members of BCM. The members of the Women's Auxiliary also engage in outreach and education efforts to promote the values and principles of BCM.


In times of disaster, be the helping hands that console the injured, get them shelter and food. Or direct traffic around a localized disaster. Or just help clean-up the mess. This is our community, when someone needs help, we want to be there, and we need your help to do it.


Train in the use of firearms or provide training to educate others. Being prepared to defend the community is only part of what we do. If you are not inclined nor capable, there are lots of other ways you can participate, see below.


Medical training can provide crucial first aid and emergency medical services in remote or high-risk areas. This training can equip members with the skills and knowledge to save lives in emergency situations.


Organized? Join a team that delivers, literally. Organize meal delivery to needy community members, deliver supplies for training events, organize training events, participate in running training events, and more; and know that your community is better off because of your effort.


Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Programmers, Medics, Welders, Artists – Whatever your profession, there is a place for you. Except for politicians – just kidding, we need politicians too! Get embedded in this strong community organization and help sustain the freedoms that we enjoy today; we really do need your participation.


Sustainability training involves teaching members how to be self-sufficient in the event of a crisis or emergency situation. This includes skills such as stockpiling, food preservation, and basic construction.


Communications training is crucial for effective coordination and info dissemination during emergency situations. Such training can include the use of various comms devices and protocols, as well as the development of comms plans to ensure effective comms during operations.


We provide training in search and rescue techniques, allowing members to respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations and rescue individuals who may be lost, injured, or trapped in difficult terrain or conditions.


Provides members with knowledge and skills to sustainably grow crops and raise livestock to feed themselves and their community during times of need. This training can help promote self-sufficiency and food security.


Whether it’s disaster response, long-term storage preparation, or everyday supplies packaging for the needy, we can use your help packaging supplies. This is a job for all ages and abilities.


Plan ahead for that day when the grocery stores and gas stations have interruptions or shortages affecting our food and transportation. Get involved in canning and food preservation on a county-size level and manage the stocks to put expiring items to good use while rebuilding for the long-term.


We have expenses and we need community support as we support the community. If you can plan and/or participate in fund-raising events, we can use your assistance.