In September we had a very successful FTX. With 80 attending from our Rifle Platoons, Support, and Command Staff. This FTX (Field Training Exercise) was a culmination of months of hard work by our rifle platoons and their members. Over the past few months, the BCM company leadership has been training our platoon leadership in topics such as troop movement, reacting to contact, leadership roles, rifle manipulation and safety, radio communication, security topics, and more, and they have been passing on that knowledge to their rifle platoons.

At the FTX we set up a TOC – Tactical Operations Center and operated the company out of this trailer. We had radios, computers, a printer, and a generator.

Every morning and evening we had an opening and closing formation.

One thing we learned was that this FTX would have been impossible without our support platoon. The transport of men and materials, the cooking of the Saturday evening meal. Lots of tasks all had to get completed. And just as in the active-duty military, support is a critically important role that this FTX has taught us must be developed within the militia.

We also had some great outside instructors that gave their time to help bring some very effective training.

But the best way to hear about the FTX is from those who attended.

The glass house training was my favorite along with a very good instructor. Overall I liked all of it.

Having church service on Sunday morning was great.

The camaraderie between us all has been strengthened because of this training and the experience is irreplaceable.

Overall everything was great. I especially liked the 2k hike to the target range. It helped show what is expected physically of us and how conditioning is important.

The sense of bond amongst all participants of working towards common goals. Visibly apparent amount of effort that went into the planning and execution of the entire event. Amount of new information presented and how it was delivered.

We learned a lot from the FTX and intend to do another one likely in the spring.

A special thank you to Curt Diemer Photography for the great photos and for the landowner for the use of his land.

Bedford County Militia is moving forward. If you would like to get plugged into Support or Rifle platoons please contact us.