Radio Programming

You can use CHIRP to program your radio if you have a programming cable.

This is not a place to get answers beyond this simple tutorial.

Google is your friend here.

Step One: Download and Install Chirp

Step Two: Plug in your programming cable to the computer and your radio. Turn on the radio and put it at full volume.

Step Three: Click “radio” and select “download from radio” and select your programming cables com port. Brand of radio. And Model of Radio. Likely UV-5R but should be on your radio. Click “OK” and should see the transmit light on the radio flash and a green progress bar. If you don’t you likely have a “COM error you’ll need to sort out.

Step Four: Import the CSV file LOCATED HERE

Step Five: Select rows 1-36 unless you want every repeater in Virginia and type CTRL+C to copy them.

Step Six: Find your radios tab that you downloaded in step three. And select all rows and delete them. Then select row ONE and type CTRL+V to paste the rows you selected in step five.

Step Seven: Select “Radio” at the top and “upload to radio”

You should be done.

Remember you CAN NOT transmit on amateur radio repeaters. You CAN NOT key them up to see if they work.

Study and get your license.

Otherwise, stay off these frequencies unless you are just listening.