I truly couldn’t be prouder of the Bedford County Militia. Your dedication and hard work is paying off in big ways. We asked for one thing this weekend. A good attitude and you delivered. Our Command staff worked very hard to set you up for success and you and your platoon leadership achieved this and then some. And our small but tireless support staff made it possible for you to all attend training and not miss a thing. There is no bigger more driven and successful militia in the state. Maybe in the nation. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this weekend. I know you are all tired and yet the excitement about the future of this militia continues to grow. We are not stopping here. Starting next week we begin the process of planning the next several months of training. Now is the time to recruit and get your friends and neighbors plugged in so they can experience what all of you have.

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Thank You

Kurt Feigel – Captain

Bedford Militia Commander

P.S. Some have asked for an address to send a check to help us cover the cost of this weekend. Here is the info:

Bedford Militia LLC

101 W Otter Ridge Dr. Goode, VA 24556


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