This presentation was done for the Bedford Militia.

If you are wondering what to buy I recommend the Baofeng UV-5R and at $20.00 I’d buy 2. Remember one is none, and two is one. I’d also recommend all the items below. 

Links Here –  all items on Ebay:

UV-5R Radio

Car Mount Antenna 

Upgrade Antenna Stay away from long whip antennas. Not worth it. 

Extended Battery

Waterproof Mic

Programming Cable (Optional)

I would stay away from items located in California or New York as these places are likely to experience shipping delays/disruptions. 

Do you have to have a radio? No. But as things go it’s one of the most affordable items in your kit – as well it’s available.

The same can’t be said of guns, ammo, food, or toilet paper.