Carbine Class

Please fill out the form below for the Carbine Class on Thursday Evening at 6PM to Sunset. Be prepared to shoot 100 rounds( or more if you prefer.) If your rifle isn’t zero’d we will try to adapt on the fly but that’s not the purpose of this class. We will be working on the function and practical application of the AR-15 carbine. If you have a pistol AR feel free to bring it.

You should bring a rifle that has Iron Sights and/or a red dot. No scopes greater than 4 power.

What to Bring:

Carbine, 100 Rounds of ammo, Hearing Protection, Eye Protection, A tarp or blanket to shoot on when laying prone. Water and lots of it.

This class is for active platoon members. Limited to 18 people. We will be meeting at the Elkton Farm property. Parking at the house. The range location is by the white house in the distance down the road from the main house.

NOTE ON WEATHER. We’ve been having a lot of thunderstorms lately. I will not cancel class till I am on the property and I see a storm is about to hit. And even then I may not cancel it as some of the storms are fast-moving. So monitor signal 30 mins prior to the class.

Cost: Free. However, I do have some expenses to cover in targets and such so would appreciate a donation of $5.00 to help me out.